Programe 2008
Children’s Day
Campaign Against Dengue
Campaign Going to School
Campaign to encourage parents to let their children go to school

This campaign was limited to the Khmer children in Inner Prek Chrey, it means to the group of ethnic Khmer. KCD knows that they are also huge problems among some Vietnamese families that are not able to let their children go to school. But at the moment KCD has to deal with administrative conditions, which are contradictory to the real situation.
Officially, regardless of their ethnicity and language, all children living in the commune are Cambodian, and have therefore to go to Cambodian school.
Actually, the majority of the Vietnamese and some Khmer-Vietnamese go to school on the other side of the river in Vietnam, reinforcing their feeling of being more Vietnamese than Cambodian, even among those whose parents have the Cambodian nationality. KCD prepares now itself to deal with this delicate issue and will undertake the first steps to motivate all children in Prek Chrey to go to school in October 2008.

The annual flood reduces the room for meetings

This campaign was supported by the FSD, ZFD, and AFSC. It focussed on the necessity for all children to go to school and on the Children’s Rights.

During three weeks over 220 persons were involved in the preparation: the children and their teachers, as well as children who droped the school, the local community (PCD: Prek Chrey Community for Development created by 50 members of the Village of Inner Prek Chrey in the frame of the Democratisation Project supported by the German DED) and the local authorities.

200 T-shirts were produced and distributed to children of Prek Chrey. The message on the T-Shirt showing a girl and a boy on the way to the school was: “We are going to school, our teacher is waiting us” (see picture bellow).

The motto on the T-shirt shall also
encourage teachers going to school!

Besides of the speeches that have been hold by the officials, the campaign consisted in a procession through the village of Inner Prek Chrey, in which the children could personally motivate their friends who usually did not—or too infrequently—go to school.

Children are high motivated participants

Campaign Results in 2007/2008

After this Campaign, KCD could note that during the crucial period of field works (Decem­ber to April) the number of children attending regularly the school grew up to 225 (+12.5%) compared to the same period one year before (see text box on the right) essentially due to increasing of attending girls (now round 110 compared to round 90 one year before).

Notice: The data given here are the result of spot checks made by KCD with the help of the teachers: they cannot give back the real average school enrolment in Prek Chrey.

Situation in 2006/2007

While officially all of the 410 Khmer children in school age were said going to school, KCD could observe that not more than 200 children were actually regularly going to school in the crucial period of field works (December 2006 to April 2007). In this time, despite of the recommendations of the Campaign in 2006, the parents usually require their children to help them in the fields. In this situation girls (round 20% less than the boys were going to school) are especially disadvantaged, having to do the housework and to take care for their younger brothers and sisters.

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