Children's Day & Peace Rally
Peace Club
Prek Chrey Community

Prek Chrey Children’s Club Solidarity for Peace (PCCSP)

This group is also commonly called the Peace Club.
It was created in 2008 after KCD held a peace camp in Phnom Penh with Khmer and Vietnamese children from Prek Chrey.

Peace Club discuss about problem solving
The children of the Peace Club design the 'problem tree' from which they
sketch out the possible solutions

Every child from any ethnic group living in Prek Chrey may join, provided that he/she goes to school (either in Cambodia or in Vietnam) and speaks Khmer.

At the beginning, 10 Khmer and 10 Vietnamese or Khmer-Vietnamese children joined. In the mean time, the number of children wanting to join grew and the PCCSP counts now 30 members. A problem is that Vietnamese children going to school follow the Vietnamese curriculum and have a timetable of classes covering the full day, while the Khmer have only half-day school. As those children have also homework to accomplish, it is more difficult for them to join in the activities of the Peace Club. This is why the initial parity between both ethnic groups does not longer exist. Nevertheless, the multi-ethnic character of the Peace Club remains its most important feature.

The children participate to the repair of the road
The Peace Club participates to the repair of the road

Now the Peace Club turned to the spearhead of social development and integration in Prek Chrey as they accomplished activities in the commune as different as:
- organise campaigns encouraging children to go to school
- organise campaigns against dengue fever and diarrhoea disease
- give lessons to the most disadvantaged Khmer and Vietnamese children and give Khmer language teaching to Vietnamese children (see hereunder: "Catching up with Primary School Level")
- mitigate conflicts between the children participating in the trainings before and during the Children’s Day celebration and facilitate communication between them
- improve the street, together with villagers and local authorities
- and many more…

Meeting with CCYMCR club in Bantey Meanchey
Group discussion with the members of a CCYMCR children's
club in Bantey Meanchey

Besides of those accomplishments, the PCCSP joined the network of the Cambodian Children and Youth Movement for Child Rights (CCYMCR).

"Catching up with Primary School Level" and "Education and Peace Camp":

Thanks to the support of COPION, the PCCSPconducts in 2010 a program of support to the Khmer, Khmer-Vietnamese and Vietnamese children not going to school. Ten groups of 3 Peace Club members each teach daily to children wishing to catch up with primary school level. Those courses also contribute to the integration in the Cambodian society of Vietnamese children living in Prek Chrey as they receive Khmer language lessons.

Later in this year (December 2010, also with COPION's support), they will share the first results of this activity in an Education and Peace Camp during which children belonging to different ethnic and religious groups from Cambodia shall join and report about their own condition of education and living in the Khmer society.

During the Education and Peace Camp, 60 children belonging to different ethnic groups from Cambodia will participate.
PCCSP (the children from Peace Club) thinks that the lack of communication and exchange between the different ethnic and religious groups and the ignorance about each other’s culture is the reason for discrimination and the lack of harmony and solidarity.
Moreover, lack of education among the poorest let those children fall out from Cambodian social system that is about to build.
This is why the 5-days Education and Peace Camp shall pursue following objectives:

  1. Understand better the different conditions of living and education in each community according to its culture and tradition, its language, geography, school infrastructure and economical issues.
  2. Reduce discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices from one community to the other.
  3. Promoting Child Rights through letting the children of different communities express themselves and interact as well in a solemn as in a joyful way (conferences, discussions, games, sport, performance, artistic activities, etc.).
  4. Increase the friendship and quality of relation between the ethnic and religious groups from different locations.
  5. Peace workers of different background shall share their experiences to the Children's and Youth Clubs
  6. The participants share their experiences in promoting peace, education and development.
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