Place of implementation of the Project of KCD:









13,000 inhabitants are living in Prek Chrey commune, located in Koh Thom district, Kandal province, along the Bassac River at the border to Vietnam. Khmer, Khmer-Vietnamese, Cambodian with Vietnamese origin and Vietnamese live there together. The green surface in the green outlined district shows the location of the commune at the border to Vietnam. The red rectangle shows the location of the map detail hereunder, place of implementation of the project of KCD.

Map of Kandal with the location of Prek Chrey and KCD project implementation zone

Zone of implementation of KCD project in Prek Chrey commune

As made visible with the sign “Flooding zone”, during 3 to 5 months (mid-July to mid-December) only some roads are free of water.
The Khmer are mainly living in “Inner-Prek-Chrey”: there are about 300 families. The huge majority of the households along the Bassac River are ethnic Vietnamese, while 5% are Khmer or Khmer-Vietnamese.


Khmer and Vietnamese in Prek Chrey and Khnar Tang Yu villages

The Khmer

The Khmer population suffers under a feeling of being less valuable as the Vietnamese whom they consider as the more successful farmers or small retailers. To deal with this issue, KCD started to work with a small group of Khmer villagers wanting to improve their living conditions through their own efforts.

Most of the Khmer are living in one village part called Inner-Prek-Chrey that has no Vietnamese inhabitant (see the map here above). They are mostly farmers (fishers in the flood season) and few of them are small retailers or work in the garment fabric on the other side of the Bassac River.

In Outer-Prek-Chrey, a few Khmer or Khmer-Vietnamese families are living together with ethnic Vietnamese. In Khnar Tang Yu also, only a few Khmer or Khmer-Vietnamese families live together with the population of Vietnamese origin.

Concerning their education, most of the Khmer children in age to go to school are registered as students, but only the half actually does go to school, many of them even not regularly. The reason is that the families need the help of the children at home or in the fields. A recent change is due to the bad economical situation: grown-ups lost their job in the garment fabric and are now replaced by children from the own family with lower income.

This is why KCD works on Child Rights issues together with children’s groups. Besides of this, KCD obtained in 2012 the support of the Japanese Embassy to repair the school facilities in Prek Chrey village, improving so the conditions for a higher school attendance.

The Vietnamese

The ethnic Vietnamese in the commune of Prek Chrey are mostly fishers and farmers. They belong actually to three different groups. Around 1/3 from the ethnic Vietnamese in Prek Chrey do have the Cambodian nationality (i.e. they may participate in votes and may become landowners).

The second group is made out from Vietnamese nationals who are officially not allowed to buy land: most of them rent the land they are farming on or are small retailers. Their economical life is totally turned towards Vietnam.

The third group are ethnic Vietnamese without any nationality. The events before, during and after Khmer Rouge period made them to unofficial refugees and refugees’ children who do not enjoy the same rights as the Cambodians.

The second and third groups are allowed to live on the Cambodian territory thanks to a residence permit, which is issued by the local athorities.

The Vietnamese of Prek Chrey are told to be richer than the Khmer are, although KCD could not make out a significant difference in the living standards of both communities. The greatest difference is between the inhabitants of Prek Chrey and their more prosperous Vietnamese neighbours in Vietnam.

Concerning the education, the school system in neighbouring Vietnam is more efficient than the one in Prek Chrey. This is why even the few Vietnamese of Prek Chrey who are able to speak Khmer prefer to let their children study in Vietnam.

Concerning the opportunity of studying, the children of the second group (Vietnamese nationals) go to school in Vietnam for free.

As they have no Vietnamese birth certificate, children from the first and third groups need to pay for going to school in Vietnam. This is why the poorest among them do not go to school at all, as they also do not speak Khmer, hence cannot join the Khmer school either. KCD’s policy is therefore to encourage Vietnamese children living in Prek Chrey to learn Khmer.

Houses of ethnic Vietnamese in Outer-Prek-Chrey during the flood




Inner Prek Chrey, where most of the Khmer are living




At the Bassac River: on the left is Khnar Tang Yu,
on the right is Vietnam

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