Children's Day & Peace Rally
Peace Club
Prek Chrey Community



1. Children’s Day and Peace Rally
2. Peace Club
3. Prek Chrey Community for Development

1. Children’s Day and Peace Rally

An annual event in the border commune Prek Chrey

After half a year of first approach activities with the children and villagers in Prek Chrey in 2006, KCD organised the Celebration of the Children’s Day and Peace Rally on 1st June 2007. It was to spread the ground messages about inter-ethnic peace and the right of all children in the commune to go to school among both communities living in the commune, the Khmer and the Vietnamese. Because of its success, this celebration constitutes now the highlight of the social life in the commune as it has been repeated every year, the last celebration having been on 29 May 2011.
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Special transport on Children’s Day. The children of both communities travel from the commune hall (situated in Khnar Tang Yu village) to the place of celebration at Prek Chrey school with the Peace Chariot.


Peace Chariot at International Children's Day


2. Prek Chrey Children’s Club Solidarity for Peace (PCCSP)

This group is also commonly called the Peace Club. Its role is to facilitate activities in the commune involving both ethnic groups.
It was created in 2008 after KCD held a peace camp in Phnom Penh with Khmer and Vietnamese children from Prek Chrey.
Every child from any ethnic group living in Prek Chrey may join, provided that he/she goes to school (either in Cambodia or in Vietnam) and is able to communicate using Khmer language.
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Khmer and Vietnamese children of the Peace Club learn solidarity in play.


Peace Club playing solidarrity


3. Prek Chrey Community for Development (PCD)

It started in 2007 with 24 villagers of the Khmer community in Prek Chrey who wanted to improve their conditions of living. Now in 2011, the number of members grew up to 52, representing 52 families.
Goals of this creation was to help them achieve their own objectives in a way that
1. lets the members explore the rules of democracy in the functioning of their group (only one member per family is entitled to vote but everybody may participate)
2. helps the group establish a confident and transparent relationship with the local authorities
3. gives participants self-confidence about their capacities, especially when dealing with their Vietnamese counterparts
4. lets the community get familiar with environmental issues
5. last not least, wakes awareness about gender issues and women's rights in the community .

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Members of the Prek Chrey Community for Development (PCD) learn together with CEDAC trainer how to make a compost.


Training with PCD about composting

KCD, #6G, St 177 (btw. St 416 and 424) Tomnop Teuk, Chamkarmon, 12306 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: +855 12 478 381 (Khmer/English) +855 12 216 386 (French/German/English)